About Me

Director of Photography

Frederick “Buzz” Feitshans IV was born in Studio City,

California to a film industry family.  His grandfather was

an Academy Award nominated Editor and his father was

an industry feature Producer with a successful career. His

passion became film at a young age where he learned all

aspects of photography using stills, super 8mm, and 16mm

cameras to shoot his short projects.  After landing a job on

his first feature, Big Wednesday directed by John Milius,

he quickly discovered he wanted to be in the business.

This experience would drive him to become what he is

today.  Learning from the renowned Cinematographer,

Bruce Surtees and observing the talented Peter Ellenshaw

provided the motivation for him to become a Director of

Photography. He worked through the ranks of the camera

department as a camera mechanic, film loader, focus

puller, and camera operator with credits on such films as

Red Dawn, The Dead  Pool (Eastwood), Tombstone,

Daylight, Dragon and Dragonheart and in 1991 became a

Director of Photography shooting a winter unit for

Director Sean Penn on the film The Indian Runner. His

ambition lead him to a successful commercial career in

the late 90’s where he traveled the world and shot high

profile spots for the Italian commercial company Movie Magic.  In 2005 his television career took off. He got a job shooting the series The OC with EP’s Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage.  This run lasted 4 years and solidified his abilities as a cameraman.  With network and studio approval his next 10 years were spent successfully lensing one-hour dramas.  He shot several series including Chuck, Heart of Dixie, Community (season 6), Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life and Recovery Road.  His transition to digital was seamless due to extensive video work on his own projects.  As film phased out, his experience and core knowledge of lighting and color space gave him the confidence to master the next level of technology.  His success earned him his most recent project Young Sheldon working with notable industry figures Chuck Lorre and Steve Molaro.  His passion for stunning images and thoughtful shot design continues to drive his solid career and love of the business.


Buzz Feitshans IV is currently working on the back 9 order of Young Sheldon and plans to shoot commercials and pilots during the hiatus.  He will start Season 2 of Young Sheldon in July 2018.